Terms of Service for Text to Donate Service

Scope of Service

Gnosis Media Group will issue the client a keyword and short code (or Whatsapp number) at the beginning of the campaign, and will terminate the client’s use of this number at the end of the campaign. The number will be programmed to receive incoming text messages from potential donors. When the potential donor texts the designated keyword to the phone number, the donation sequence will be initiated, and the donor can complete her donation through your mobile checkout experience. Your card will be automatically charged every month until you email us to cancel your service.

Set Up / Activation Fee

In most cases, the activation fee is waived. However, if you sign up after Friday 4:30pm ET and before Monday, 9:30am ET. Or, if you sign up M-Thurs after 6pm ET. If you sign up during these times, and require same-day activiation, there is a $25 set up fee.

Collecting Donations: Credit/Debit Card Billing

We may, at the client’s discretion, embed a Paypal or other donation payment link into the text messages to allow prospective donors to complete their donation transaction via their mobile device. The client may also choose to use Gnosis Media as a payment processor. In this case, the client gives Gnosis Media the right to act as a custodian of client donor funds and to disburse donated funds to the client via PayPal. We charge a 6% transaction fee on each donation. However, if you use us, we offer weekly social media promotions on our social channels for your organization, on all packages. NOTE: We do not offer mobile-carrier billing.

Using Us a Payment Processor

You can use us as a payment processor, and then yes you can offer your donors both one-time and recurring donations. When you use this option, we keep 6% of the net of each transaction (after our payment processor fees), and we disburse funds to you within 15-30 days of receipt via check. To use this option, just check the checkbox "Use Gnosis Media as a payment processor" at checkout. If you use our payment processor, we also offer weekly social media promotions on our social channels for your organization, on all packages. 

Overage Fees

Most customers never exceed our message limits, so their bill is always the same each month. However, occasionally customers go over 150 messages in a 30-day period. By using this service, you authorize us to charge your card for any overages you incur. The fee is $20 for each bundle of 150 messages you consume within a 30-day period. (For example, if you use 150 messages in 30 days or less, you are charged $20. Use 300 messages, $40. 450 messages, $60, and so on).

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not acquire at least one new prospective donor within your first month of service (i.e., if no one texts your keyword to your short code), notify us by email, and we'll refund your first month's payment-- no questions asked.


Gnosis Media Group will never share, rent or sell any donor information that is collected on behalf of the client. We will only keep the donor info stored for the duration of the client’s subscription, and will destroy or delete any donor information once the client’s subscription is ended. NOTE: By default we only be able to collect donor phone number. If you use us as a payment processor, however, we can collect additional donor info. 


Gnosis Media Group reserves the right to terminate the client’s use of the mobile phone number at any time if we deem the use is unlawful, obscene, unethical, or treasonous; if such use constitutes an invasion of privacy, or is in any way abusive or vulgar; if such use infringes on the rights of others.

We reserve the right to terminate this agreement if we deem that the organization, business, cause, charity or event for which the client is using our services in any way disparages our firm or puts our firm in a negative light.

Cancellations and Refunds

The client can terminate this contract and cancel the monthly subscription, without penalty, at any time. Your card will be charged each month until you email us to cancel your service. All subscription payments made to Gnosis Media Group for this service are non-refundable.

Donation Collection Assistance (Text Blasts)

This consists of a reasonable attempt by our staff to motivate donors to complete their donations by electronic payment (e.g., PayPal). This will typically mean that we will send a text message reminder to prospective donors and supply them with the nonprofit's PayPal donation link and then prompt them to complete their donation. 

Social Media Promotions

This includes any publicity or promotions activity our firm undertakes to promote the client's mobile giving phone number to the public including social media advertisements, organic social media posts, blog posts, etc. We run social media advertisements on Twitter and Facebook for Pro Plan customers.

WhatsApp Integration

The WhatsApp integration includes up to 5 keywords per account. As with the SMS integration, we will create a text message that will reply automatically to donors when they text your keyword to our WhatsApp phone number.

Indemnity: Change of Short Code

As a short code is regulated and underwritten by telecom and mobile providers, short codes can be deactivated, shut down or disabled at any time, even without warning. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Gnosis Media Group in the event that the short code issued to you is disabled by the telecom provider. Gnosis Media Group cannot be held responsible for any loss in revenue, business impairment, or damages sustained by changes wrought by carriers or providers. We will make every attempt to give advanced warning of such changes. In the event of a short code changeover, Gnosis will also strive to transition your service to a new short code as quickly and hassle-free as possible.