Award-Winning Text-to-Give Service for Smaller, Successful Nonprofits

Since 2008, we’ve been helping nonprofits raise funds through text-to-give. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a keyword that will trigger your text-to-give donation sequence. For example, ITL2017, GUARDIAN, AUTISM. Your keyword can be any combination of letters and numbers. Must be 5 or more characters. No spaces or special characters.

  2. Once you have your keyword in mind, head over to the order form.

  3. Choose your package, supply your PayPal email.

  4. Give us the link to your donation page, if applicable.

  5. Give us your text message reply.

  6. Tell us whether you want to use us, PayPal or your own payment gateway as your payment processor.

  7. Once you pay, we set up your keyword on our short code, which is 77948, usually within the hour.

  8. Done!

Now, when a prospective donor texts your keyword to 77948, she receives a prompt to donate to your charity. The prompt includes a link to your mobile-friendly PayPal or other checkout page to complete her donation.

A Few Recent Text-to-Give Customers


"Gnosis enabled us to launch a text to give campaign that was successful, budget friendly, and easy to execute. We raised more than $20,000 over three days! Thank you Gnosis!!"
--Katie Byram, Baltimore School for the Arts

New TCPA Guidance on Text-to-Give

Did you know that the TCPA has different regulations on the use of text message marketing for nonprofits than for for-profit entities? Nonprofits are exempt from some of the stricter SMS regulations that for-profits must follow. Basically, for a nonprofit, if you’ve previously gotten oral consent from your members, you may send SMS blasts to them without having to get written consent. In practice this means that, so long as the nonprofit has acquired the phone numbers of members in a way that implies consent, whether written or otherwise, the organization can send text messages.