[UPDATED] WhatsApp Integration for Text to Donate

[UPDATED] WhatsApp Integration for Text to Donate

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Short codes and keywords are excellent tools for collecting donations by text message. But they do have one limitation: a short code only works in the country in which it is activated. So, our short code, 77948, is a U.S. short code (because we are a U.S. company). It works for all U.S. mobile carriers, but it does not work for mobile carriers outside the U.S.

In an effort to help all nonprofits raise more funds — even those outside the United States — we have just released our WhatsApp Integration. Now, any organization who works with us can receive text donations through WhatsApp.

For a demo,

  1. Install WhatsApp onto your mobile phone. Android users can download it here, and Apple Users can download it here.

  2. Click here on your mobile device. This will take you into our WhatsApp business application where you can test it out.

  3. Text DONATE back to the WhatsApp conversation. You will get an automatic text message reply and prompt.

How It Works

We’ve tried to keep the WhatsApp text to donate app as simple as possible. Basically it works just like the short code: we set up your keyword on our WhatsApp business number. For example, if your keyword was “COMPANION”, It might look like this when a donor texts COMPANION to +1 908 443 1665 (our WhatsApp phone number):


The donor gets your special text message reply, just as if she had texted to 77948. Only this time she is texting to our WhatsApp business number. She can click the link to donate in the same way, and the app will deliver her to your organization’s custom checkout page:


When you use us as a payment processor, we give your donors the several options to give to your nonprofit:

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

  • ACH bank transfer (i.e., supply her bank account routing and account numbers to give)

  • Apple Pay

  • Android Pay

Your donors can also pay by gift card or prepaid cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We hope to be able to offer additional payment options, as we realize that many people do not have bank accounts.

Increase in Donation Activity on WhatsApp

JustGiving reported that they’ve seen an increase in donation activity and conversation on WhatsApp, which is now the most-used messaging app in the world. Other mobile fundraising platforms, like Good Exchange, are also integrating WhatsApp into their fundraising services.

With our WhatsApp integration, we can send you a list of donor mobile phone numbers, just like we can with the short code. But we can give you even more detail on your donors. Because they have sent through WhatsApp, we can collect more user info than we can through SMS. This gives you greater ability to market to connect with them and market to them later.

And just like with the short code, with WhatsApp we can add all your subscribers to a group, so that you can then send text blasts to them all at once.

If you already have an account with us and would like to add WhatsApp integration, simply email us here to request it.

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