What Kind of Activity Reports Do I Get?

What Kind of Activity Reports Do I Get?

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When you're running your text to donate campaign, you'll of course want to know who's texting your keyword to your short code and how many donations you're getting. You may also want to know how many times your donation link has been clicked. With our service, we can provide you donor activity reports on request.

Types of Reports We Provide

We provide different levels of reporting, based upon which payment processor you choose.With all reports, we can send you a list of phone numbers who have subscribed to your keyword and the number of clicks on your donation link.


Using Your Own PayPal Account

If you are using your own PayPal account, then your donations don't pass through us. Therefore, we don't see how many donations you've received or the number of donations you've received. However, our PayPal integration embeds a Gnosis Media ID number into the receipts. This way, you will know which PayPal donations came through our service.

Unfortunately, when you choose PayPal, we cannot easily match the donor phone number to the PayPal receipt. We can send you a report of all mobile numbers which have subscribed, but those numbers won't be matched to specific individuals on your PayPal receipts.


Using GMG as a Payment Processor

Using GMG as a payment processor does offer some advantages over using PayPal. For example, when you use us, we can ask for the mobile phone number of the prospective donor before she places her donation. By doing this, we can then easily match a particular donor with her mobile phone number.

Another benefit of using us as a payment processor is that we can ask for donor information that PayPal does not. For instance, we can ask for not only name and email, but mobile phone number, city/state, or address. In fact, we can collect basically any additional information from your donors that you would like.

A third benefit is customization. Using GMG as a payment processor, you can customize the look and feel of your donation checkout page. You can

  • Display multiple donation amounts (e.g., $5, $10, $25, $50) or eave the amount field blank and let the donor fill it in.

  • Add your logo to the top of the checkout form.

  • Customize the "thank you"message your donors receive on completion of a donation.

Because you are using us a payment processor, all donations flow through us. That means we can tell you, at any time, how much in donations you've received. It also means you are eligible to use our thermometer integration. These extra value added services are the reason we charge a 6% transaction fee for this service.

Unlike with PayPal, since we collect all information ourselves, we can give you full info on each donor.

Link Clicks

Whether you use your own payment processor or ours, we can always provide you with the number of clicks on your donation link. This helps you calculate your clickthrough rate and your click-to-donate rate. These are important metrics that serve as a gauge for how engaged your audience is with your message. 

Clickthrough rate is the ratio of people seeing your link vs. the number of them who actually click it. For example, if you do a text blast to 100 subscribers, sending them your donate link, and 10 of them click it, that's a 10% clickthrough rate. The higher the clickthrough rate, the more compelling your offer is to your prospects. On the other hand, a really low clickthrough rate tells you that you need to work on your messaging and call to action.

Click-to-donate rate is the ratio of people who click your link vs. those who actually complete a donation. Using the above example, let's say of the 10 people who clicked your link, 1 donated. That means you have a 10% click-to-donate rate. Like clickthrough rate, your click-to-donate rate helps you determine where donors might be abandoning the process or where your checkout experience may be less than user-friendly.

If you use us as a payment processor, we can tell you both your clickthrough rate and your click-to-donate rate. If you use PayPal or another processor, we can only tell you your clickthrough rate.

Reporting That Helps You Make Decisions

With our text to donate service, you not only get an award-winning platform that will bring you more donations, you'll get analytics and reporting that will help you make improvements to your campaign. To request a report, just contact us by email. We usually respond within the hour.

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