Text to Donate: Case Studies

Text to Donate Case Studies

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Many nonprofits are using text to donate services with good results. While there are always exceptions, the majority of our customers bring in substantially more in donations than they pay in fees for the service. Below are a few case studies showing the effectiveness of our text to give service.

Case Study #1: Bay Area Fire Relief Fund

One of our most successful customers was the Bay Area Fire Relief Fund. They came to us last Fall to raise funds for the wild fires that broke out last year in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through a partnership with local radio stations KNBR, KSFO, The Bone, KGO810, and KFOG, they launched an ambitious campaign to raise $250,000 to help Bay area residents who had lost their homes due to the fires. 

Results and Key Takeaways

  • From November 2017 to January 2018 -- just three months -- the Bay Area Fire Relief Fund raised close to $300,000, surpassing their goal.

  • Think about your broader marketing: Using a radio advertisement in conjunction with text to donate enabled BAFRF to exceed its fundraising goals substantially.

  • Think about your timing: Text to donate campaigns often work optimally during crisis situations where the impulse to give is strongest. They also work well during the holiday giving season.

  • Multiple keywords can yield exponential results. BAFRF purchased a separate keyword for each radio station to use. This effectively segmented their audiences, as those who tend to listen to The Bone may not be the same demographic as those who tend to listen to KGO810. Having multiple keywords also enabled BAFRF to understand which marketing messages and channels performed the best.

  • Think about your audiences before launch. BAFRF had a plan, knew who their target audiences were, and created tactics to reach each market segment with its own unique messaging. This is key. No text to donate service is going to market itself. You are the driver and must know what types of messages best motivate your audience.

Case Study #2: Ripple Effect Artists

Ripple Effect Artists is a theater company that uses drama to raise awareness for human trafficking. They have been customers of ours since May 2017. Their success lies in their strategic and effective use of our text blast features. Each month, they not only solicit donations in an ongoing digital campaign, but they send out reminders, news, alerts and upcoming events to their subscriber base. 

Results and Key Takeaways

Case Study #3: The Musical Autist

The Musical Autist, run by CJ Shiloh, a neurologist and music therapist, raises funds to create "sensory friendly performances" for those unable to sit still or be quiet to enjoy public performances. They utilized our text to donate service for one of their annual fundraisers.

Results and Key Takeaways

  • Using our service, the Musical Autist raised almost $60,000.

  • Combining text to donate at a fundraising event is typically more effective than using a text to donate number only in an online setting.

  • While most of the Musical Autist's funds did not come from their text to give option, they were glad that they made the option available, according to Shiloh. This underscores a point we make very often and which is borne out by research: most nonprofits will raise more overall by having text to donate in their marketing mix than they will without it.

Case Study #4: DCHS Football Boosters

The DCHS Football Boosters raises funds to support high school football programs in Douglasville, GA. They came to us in 2016 to help support their football teams.

Results Key Takeaways

  • A town of only about 35,000, the Douglasville Boosters acquired over 3,100 prospective donors in just 40 days, utilizing our award-winning text to donate service.

  • Don't be afraid to gamify your text to donate campaign. What made the DCHS boosters so successful is they were raffling off a Jeep as part of their text to donate campaign.

  • DCHS parked a Jeep outside a local public square with a sign on it reading "Want to win this Jeep? Text JEEP to 77948 and donate $100 to be entered into a raffle." This created an element of eager anticipation in the community, along with a lot buzz. The result: As buzz swelled, more and more people began texting to donate, and the tactic created a viral effect.

  • This also highlights the importance of having a strong call to action.

  • We estimated that DCHS raise somewhere between of $7,800 - $25,000. But perhaps more importantly, they now have 3,100 prospects to market to going forward. Remember, it's not just about the raw amount of donations, it's also about building a subscriber base that will support and publicize your organization going forward.

  • Even in a relatively small community like Douglasville, without about 35,000 residents, you can still create a big splash using text to donate. Think of ways to create buzz, intrigue and excitement around your campaign like DCHS did and you're sure to be a success.

Eric Bryant, July 12, 2019

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