How to Set Up Recurring Donations

How to Set Up Recurring Donations

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In a previous post, we mentioned that PayPal now includes a recurring donation option on your mobile checkout landing pages. But PayPal isn’t the only way to accept recurring donations. Other payment processors provide recurring donation options for your donors, including us.

Using GMG to Accept Recurring Donations

If you do not wish to use PayPal to process your recurring donations (or your nonprofit does not use PayPal), you may elect to use us. When you do so, we set up a mobile-friendly mobile checkout page for your nonprofit that looks like this:


As you can see, there is a “Frequency” option on your checkout page where the donor can select “One Time” or “Recurring.” It’s that easy. We also offer several other options to customize your checkout page.

Accepting ACH Payments

For example, we offer ACH payments as well as credit/debit card payments. Your donors can donate to you by entering their bank account info without having to expose their credit/debit card details.

Multiple Cycle Times

We also give donors multiple cycle times for recurring donations. You’re not stuck with only monthly recurring donations. You can offer your donors quarterly, bi-annual or even annual donation timeframes.

Why You Want Recurring Donors

Classy is a nonprofit fundraising technology that published a report on donor lifetime value. They found that, over the course of their association with your nonprofit, recurring donors generate 440% more value to nonprofits than one-time donors.

Classy also found that the average length of a recurring donor is 13 months. Within a year of donating, recurring donors also tend to make more gifts than do one-time donors, showing a higher level of overall engagement with your organization.

Payment Processors That Offer Nonprofit Recurring Donations

Below are a few payment processors that offering recurring mobile donations to nonprofits:

  1. iATS Payments (Works exclusively with nonprofits)

  2. BluePay - works mostly with for-profits but has nonprofit services as well.

  3. ClearView - a CRM system and payment processor for nonprofits

  4. Heartland - Payment and fundraising platform for nonprofits

  5. - built on VISAs payment APIs.

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