How to Get Donations on PayPal

How to Get Donations on PayPal

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Setting Up PayPal Donations With Us Is Easy

Our platform makes PayPal donations even more powerful by extending your reach:

  1. Visit the text to donate order form and sign up.

  2. Choose your desired package and complete the application. Be sure to choose an easy-to-spell keyword (5 or more letters). Most organizations choose something relating to their business name.

  3. Enter your PayPal email. This is the email linked to your nonprofit in PayPal and can be different than your contact email. It's usually the email you use to sign in.

  4. Once you pay, we get right to work setting up your service (usually takes less than 2 hours).

  5. Our technology creates a mobile-friendly, Paypal checkout experience for your donors. No scrolling. Easy to read. No PayPal buttons necessary. No taking people to your website. We create a seamless checkout experience for your donors.

Here's an example from one of our current clients, the Heal Foundation:

The Heal Foundation is an autism research and development nonprofit. They chose keyword AUTISM and their short code is 77948. When a prospective donor texts AUTISM to 77948, she receives a welcome message with a link to donate. That link takes her to this nicely-formatted, mobile-friendly PayPal checkout page.

Advantages of Our PayPal Text to Donate Integration

No Set Up In PayPal for You

There's nothing else you as the nonprofit need to do to get going with our service. There are no special set up requirements you need to do inside PayPal. As long as you have an email address linked to your PayPal account, we can set this up for you. All you need to do is supply us with your PayPal email address, and we'll do the rest.

Our text-to-donate service helps you get more donations via PayPal by giving your donors the ability to carry your organization with them wherever they carry their mobile phones, which is pretty much everywhere nowadays. With our platform, donors don't need to visit your website or be in front of a PC to make a donation. They can bypass donate buttons altogether and send funds straight into your PayPal account with a few clicks.

Furthermore, your prospects don't even have to remember your website address because we give you a keyword and an easy-to-remember short code they can text to anytime. Our service enables you to extend your fundraising virtually everywhere: an outdoor event, an evening gala, a fundraising dinner, a benefits concert. Since your donors are no longer tied to a checkbook or a PC in order to give, we help you increase your fundraising power exponentially.

Can I use Something Other than PayPal?

Certainly. But we recommend PayPal because it's mobile-friendly and mobile-formatted. But because our service is so flexible, you can use any payment processor you wish. Just be sure that whatever processor you use, it's easy to read and navigate on a mobile device. While we understand not every nonprofit wants to use PayPal, we find fulfillment rates are higher with PayPal than with other services.

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