7 Tips for Asking for Donations for a Fundraiser

7 Tips for Asking for Donations for a Fundraiser

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In our previous blog post, we talked about how to set up donations through text. But how do you actually ask for donations, face to face? What are some ideas for using a text to donate service during a live event?

One tactic we've seen work very well during events is to have a time set aside specifically for giving. Often this is towards the end of the event. The host can say something like, "Ok everyone, it's now time for giving. Please get out your cell phones and text OURLOVE to 77948. Thank you for your generosity!"

Here are some other tips:

  1. Create little foldable cards that you can place on tables during the event. The cards should have your keyword and short code call to action on them. This way, attendees can donate at any time throughout the event. They will likely spend as much time checking their phones as they will talking to each other anyway!
  2. Get a large banner, audio/visual display or widescreen projector, and put your keyword and call to action on it for all to see. This is an non-intrusive way to always be asking for donations without seeming like you're doing so.
  3. Gammification. Combine the giving time with a raffle to win prizes. One of our customers, for example, is giving raffle tickets based on the amount donated. The higher the donation, the more "tickets" the donor buys. At the end of the fundraiser, the nonprofit selects a raffle ticket at random. The donor who has that ticket wins a special prize.
  4. Do some research on those who will be attending the fundraiser. Donors want to connect with a cause, and it’s through you that they do that. They also don’t want to be seen as just dollar signs. Doing your research will help you approach them on a personal level, make them feel valuable, and can even help you to better understand your cause’s demographic.
  5. Practice your ask for donations alone in front of a mirror, and with friends. Eventually, it’ll be second nature.
  6. Just because it’s not about you personally doesn’t mean you shouldn’t personalize it. Have fun with it. Having fun with even the most serious of causes (ex: “Save The Boobies!”) shows that you care, but also makes you into someone people don’t dread having to spend time with. If your fundraisers are fun, people will be excited to come and happy to donate so that they can get invited to the next one! Boring should never be a go-to.
  7. Use a little psychology, too. People are excited to be wanted, heard, even needed! They want to help, but helping financially feels impersonal and doesn’t tap into their value as an individual. Try asking someone for their advice instead of their money, and you may be surprised to wind up with a check in your hand!

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