How Do I Raise More Funds for My Nonprofit?

How Do I Raise More Funds for My Nonprofit?

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You’ve asked yourself this question many times. As a company whose primary reason for existing is to help you raise funds, we’ve asked this question since we’ve been in business.

That’s been 10 years.

And you know what we’ve learned in 10 years of helping nonprofits raise money?

We don’t have the first darn clue about how you’re going to raise more funds for your nonprofit.

Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? Thought this was going to be another article on “Top 10 Ways to Rake in the Dough for Your Nonprofit”, or something? Well, it’s not. Because, truth be told, we don’t know.

While we have some experience on how to raise large amounts of money for charity, we simply do not and cannot know what specific fundraising tactics are going to work for your charity.

Donors, supporters, sponsors—they’re a fickle bunch. We know a few ways for nonprofits to make money, but whether any of these will actually work for your nonprofit remains to be seen.

The Expert Fundraiser Is … You

You are the expert. You are the one who works day in and day out, in the trenches, with your constituents, sponsors, donors, and partners. You, the executive director, the development manager, the fundraising officer — you know your nonprofit better than we ever will. You know who your ideal donors are, and where to find them.

You know how to raise funds for an organization, probably better than we do. We’re not the experts, you are.

We don’t know any of this.

It’s true — we don’t. And we’re not ashamed to admit it. We will never know your organization even 1/10th as well as you will know it.

So, what we’ve learned in 10 years of helping organizations and charities like yours raise nearly $1MM in revenues is this: Let’s stop pretending we know. Let’s stop pretending we have some secret sauce for funding a nonprofit.

It just ain’t so.

Now, Here’s What We Do Know

Now, enough of what we don’t know. I’ll tell you what we do know.

We know technology. More importantly, we know fundraising technology. And we know how to utilize that technology to help you get your charity in front of people who are likely to donate.

Technology Actually Isn’t the Answer

A thing doesn’t have to be very sophisticated to be very effective.

A thing doesn’t have to be very sophisticated to be very effective.

We also know that the fanciest technology around, with all the bells and whistles, isn’t going to motivate a prospect to give to something she doesn’t believe in. The best fundraising technology money can buy in the hands of a nonprofit with zero credibility or brand affinity is still useless.

It’s About Relationships

What we’ve learned is that fundraising is about people and relationships. That’s it. That’s the ballgame. Technology either facilitates those relationships or hampers them.

Successful fundraising for nonprofits is not about having sophisticated technology. It’s about how you use that technology to foster relationships with donors.

And that is something we know a lot about.

Fundraising Is a Subset of Marketing

We also know marketing. We know how to create and place messages in the right places on social media and other digital hangouts that have a good chance of attracting donors to your charity.

We do this through a unique blend of text blasts, Whatsapp, QR codes, Facebook Fundraisers, and social media promotions. You can see our packages here.

Mobile Makes Soliciting Money for Nonprofits Easier

We also know mobile. See that device in your pocket (or laying on the table, or likely in your hand reading this right now)? That is just a hunk of chips and diodes and transistors and plastic and metal and magnets — by itself.

But in the hands of our staff who specialize in mobile giving and mobile marketing, it becomes a harpoon that can capture the donors you’ve always wanted.

We unlock the power of that mobile device for you. We get it working in your favor, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we activate your keyword and short code, we get that cell phone working for your nonprofit even when you’re asleep.

When we queue up SMS blasts, and create QR codes for your nonprofit, we turn that mobile device that sits in everyone’s hand all day long into a marketing machine to bring your charity more donations.

Everything we do — from running Facebook Fundraisers for your nonprofit, to thermometers and donation progress meters — is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to bring you more money.

No, we don’t know how to raise more funds for your specific mission. But we can raise your batting averages. We can put you in front of prospective donors you wouldn’t otherwise reach. And we will make it as seamless and easy as possible to get people to fund your nonprofit. We know how to do that, better than the rest.

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