Getting Donors Is Good but Retaining Donors Is Even Better

Getting Donors Is Good but Retaining Donors Is Even Better

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It's great to acquire new donors. However, it's even better, from a nonprofit growth perspective, to retain current donors. Facebook recently did a talk that showed the key to their growth was in user retention.

The same is true for nonprofits. Retaining donors, getting them to come back again and again to give, is an essential element in growing your revenues and donor base. If you want growth, focus on donor retention, not just acquisition.

How We Help You Retain Donors

We now offer nonprofits the ability to use Gnosis Media Group as a payment processor. This gives you as a nonprofit more options in the types of donations you can accept. With PayPal, you can only offer a one-time donation; PayPal does not currently offer a recurring donation option (they do offer a recurring subscription option, but it is not mobile-friendly). 

Update 7/22/18:

PayPal now offers recurring donations on mobile. See this blog post for more details.

However, when you use us as a payment processor, you can offer both options to your prospective donors. Your donors can choose at checkout whether they would like to give a recurring or one-time donation.

Recurring Donations Lead to Greater Donor Retention

By giving you the ability to offer recurring donations, we help you retain more donors. Repeat donors tend to be more committed to your mission and tend to give more to your organization. Gaining a larger percentage of repeat donors means you have more revenues you can count on month after month.

To take advantage of our recurring donation service, just select the option when you place your order.

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