Custom PayPal Integrations and Our Payment Processor

Custom PayPal Integrations and Our Payment Processor

Gnosis Media Group

A customer recently asked us if there was a way to create a PayPal donation link that included both multiple donation options and the option to enter any amount. This can be done but requires custom development. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

We have created custom PayPal implementations in the past, but we don't really do it anymore. Basically a programmer has to create a web-based form that has the options, and then pass that data to the PayPal checkout form. Because these require an additional programmer, we have to charge customers to implement.

What we did to mitigate the costs of this is to build these options into our own checkout experience. In other words, you use us as a payment processor instead of PayPal. We offer these more sophisticated options, right out of the box, with any of our text to donate plans. See this nonprofit's payment gateway, for example, where both options are included.

To use GMG as a payment processor, simply select that option on the order form. By using us, you can do certain custom implementations that you can’t easily do with PayPal. With us, you can offer single or recurring payments, multiple donation amounts or any amount — all within one payment checkout experience.

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